What To Do With Old Clothing

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Most people tend to have a few old clothes lying around that they honestly don’t really need. Even if you try to clear out your wardrobe regularly, as long as you’re buying new clothes, old ones are becoming redundant. That’s without even considering changing fashions, simple wear-and-tear over time, and the fact that you might need more storage space.

So you have some clothes you’re willing to part with… what do you do with them? We would recommend trying not be like over 80% of people who simply throw their clothes away. There are much better things you can try, including the following.

1) Donate them to charity

You may receive regular charity bags from local organisations who are willing to sort through your clothes and sell them to raise funds. Alternatively, you can look for schemes set up to send specific items directly to vulnerable people who really need them. A recent example in the UK is the Your Smalls Appeal, which collects recycled bras and ships them to women and teenagers in Ghana who don’t have access to these basic items.

2) Trade with other people

An alternative option is to organise events where everyone trades clothes with everyone else. That way, instead of spending money on brand new clothes, you can choose what you like from other people and get rid of anything you don’t need in one go!

3) Sell items online

This is the best solution for high-value items that are in great condition but simply not for you any more. You can list things for auction on sites like eBay and as long as you include plenty of details, the right people will find them. You can then put the money towards replacing your clothes, a charity donation or whatever you’re saving for.

4) Upcycled creations

If your old clothes are no use to anyone in their current form, but you think you can challenge yourself to make something useful out of the material, then go for it. It’s amazing what you can achieve with a little spare time and a sewing machine. Turn your tired garments into funky new items to wear, to decorate your home or even to sell.

Of course, a great strategy to work on is to simply buy less new clothes and be more inventive with what you already have. It seems like many styles are coming back into fashion more and more often, so if you buy wisely and try to give long-forgotten pieces in your wardrobe another chance, you’ll find you run out of extra garments to get rid of. Mission accomplished!

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