How to prepare your artwork for t-shirt printing

t-shirt printing

T-shirt printing involves a variety of process including transferring the artwork to the actual t-shirt. If you’re new to printing, know that you must follow the steps below to correctly prepare your artwork so that it can be smoothly printed on the t-shirt. Printers are unlikely to accept your artwork if they are not prepared correctly. So the importance of preparation is vital.

PMS Colours

When using colours for your artwork, make sure to use the PMS colours as they will provide a more accurate shade compared to using a standard setting like the CMYK or RGB. Printers can separate the colours out when they are set to PMS.


Printing machines may be unable to copy the font correctly so it would be ideal to turn the text into outlines so that printers can read the font correctly. If the machine can’t read your font, then it will most likely translate it into a regular font which would be different from your original font.


It’s important to produce a vector artwork as they produce a high-quality image for the print. The print will result in a more detailed work with accurate colours. Vectors can be created using digital software like Adobe.


Once your artwork is complete, make sure that you save and keep a file that’s fully editable so that you can go back to it whenever you need to make any changes. This is highly important as you may need to make adjustments to the design especially if the printer is unable to print your work.


When printing, make sure to set your artwork to the actual size that you want it to be printed on the t-shirt. Printers will copy the same size that you created from the start.

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