What Fabrics to Use for Sports and Performance Wear

When engaging in a workout, all sport enthusiasts must prepare thoroughly, having in mind the exercise conditions at hand and their own comfort, for optimal workout results. The most important measure that ensures the feeling of complete preparedness for any task is the sportswear and its fabric that should possess the quality of being stretchable, light and resistant to ripping and specific weather conditions, among other important factors.

Of course, materials will not be everything when you come to select your sports clothing or footwear. You might be looking at designer labels and current fashion trends for inspiration too, but it’s worth remembering that you can still take materials into account. Everything from the newest boys’ Lacoste trainers to simple everyday sportswear will be made from carefully selected materials optimising for looks, performance or both.

What follows is an explanation of each of the fabrics most commonly used for sports and performance wear. These are most advisable to be chosen for an exercise session that will ensure maximum performance, comfort and appearance.


polyester-fabricMedium Weight Polyester

This particular brand of Polyester is stronger than regular Polyester and is best worn for contact sports. Its quality of being stretchable, resistance to ripping and fading, as well as its quick wash and dry quality, will ensure anyone feels comfortable enough to wear it regularly when engaging in a sporting challenge.

sport-mesh-fabricSport Mesh

This Polyester Microfiber is perfect for sports such as netball and cricket, while its quality of sun protection makes it ideal for sunny weather. The problem of excessive sweating during exercises is solved with this fabric, due to its quick drying, great breathability and sublimation.



Running Short Fabric
This fabric, as the name implies, is ideal for running, with its overall strength and light weight. Its shinny look and resistance to fading make it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to look stylish while training.


Polyester Microfiberpolyester-microfiber
Polyester Microfiber is another lightweight fabric, optimal for any sport. This 100% Polyester fabric, mostly used to design shorts, is soft, resistant to fading and helps retain the coolness of the body due to its great breathability. Another great quality of this fabric is that it can be washed and dried quickly, so the sportswear made from it, can be quickly used over and over again.



Lycra is an excellent choice for a performance wear fabric for any sport, during all seasons, as it keeps one cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Its quality to dry easily ensures full comfort, while the fact that it is greatly stretchable makes sure any sportswear is completely figure-flattering.


XtraLife Lycra®

This special brand of Lycra is specifically used for compression clothing, as it provides the optimal muscle compression, while at the same time reducing muscular vibration, for maximum exercise results. Its specific advantages, when compared to other performance wear fabrics, are its durability, resistance to abrasion, its extraordinary retention of shape over a great period of time, as well as its high performance during muscle shaping exercises.

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