Customized Clothing – Print or Embroidery?

There are different situations when you may need a customized T-shirt or any other clothing article. After, you have chosen your model, your color and your message, you have to think about how you will customize it. If you do not know the secrets of the industry, it may be difficult to choose between print and embroidery.

custom clothing

Different purposes

If you have to customize clothes for your company, then, first of all you’ll have to your reflect on the type of product that will be most suitable for your business. If it is a logo that you need to have on a jacket or a T-shirt, it also a branding matter. So, if you want a classy, sober or elegant image for your company, you may find attractive an embroidered logo. On the other hand, sometimes, you will find more practical to simply print your logo on your T-shirts.

Print – Benefits and disadvantages


Due to the technology evolution in printing, print is more and more popular and cheap. Everyone who wants can have today customized clothing. Suitable for large quantities of products, the print technique has the benefits of a very good wash resistance, being also appropriate for simple logos. In addition, this way of customizing clothes allows the mix of fabric. Using the technology, it is also suitable for the reproduction of images or photos. Moreover, the very advanced methods of printing do not allow gradients and shades of colors. It will also strictly respect all forms of simple logos and variations of colors.

Embroidery – Benefits and disadvantages

embroideryOn the other side, embroidering requires a higher set of skills than printing and this is why printing is cheaper. However, there are certain situations when you will opt for embroidering. For example, you need a unique and classy coat or you have to personalize a uniform. That works also perfectly when you need to use some specific fabrics. For example, due to the nature of fleece material, it may be a good choice to embroidery on it, if you need customized clothing.

Embroidery has the benefits of a very long life expectancy, a high qualitative and classy look, and a very good wash resistance. It also has no technical costs. Talking about disadvantages, we need to mention that that technique does not allow you to use an infinite number of colors, it is not recommended for marking of t-shirts and fine fabrics.

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