3 Types of All-Over Printing for Custom T-Shirts

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Nothing beats being creative and being able to add your own personal touch to your clothes. Whether you’re just looking to make a few T-shirt prints for yourself or large numbers for a T-shirt printing business for example, there are a few different methods that are easy and affordable. Each method has its pros and cons, and which one you choose depends on your own preferences. Here are our tips for 3 types of all-over printing for custom T-shirts.

If you’re looking for an artistic and cost effective method of printing your T-shirts, you might want to try hand painting, spray painting or air brushing. If you are making large amounts, this can be quite time consuming, but for small quantities, these methods will add a luxurious and limited-edition feel to your collection. It may be difficult to be accurate as a beginner, but if the artistic touch and uniqueness in every garment is the most important thing to you, this is probably the best method.

For a unique feeling that is crafted by hand but more time efficient, try out the screen printing method. This entails using a mesh screen that works as a template that you design once and can be used for several T-shirts. The screen is treated with a chemical that makes it possible to burn the image onto it. The image that appears from the burning process is pressed against the fabric and ink is applied with a squeegee. This is a simple and cheap process, but it requires some skill level from the artist since it can be difficult to produce a precise image on the screen.

For beginners, the easiest method is probably heat transfer printing. The design is printed onto a special transfer paper which is designed for this purpose. The paper is placed onto the fabric ink-down and the print clings onto the fabric and releases from the paper by applying heat. The heat source may be a special heat transfer print machine or anything that is flat and hot such as a flatiron. This method is convenient for those who wish to make many different designs and those who want the process to be quick and easy without spending too much money. For a similar, but more modern approach, try the method of digital printing. That’s when a digital image is printed directly onto the fabric. This is a more costly method, however, and probably better suitable for making large amounts of T-shirts. In order to print directly onto the fabric you need a special modified inkjet printer which can be quite costly. However, it is a very quick and accurate method since the ink is immediately absorbed by the fabric.


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